Proof Of Concept

Wireframes, Design and Workflow


In Proof of Concept Service, we prepare wireframes, design and workflow of your Web or Mobile App Idea. We deliver a demonstrable app with dummy data for web or mobile, to showcase it your prospects, stakeholders, and your investors. Small and Medium business love our Proof Of Concept Service because it gives life to their business idea quickly with one time small fees. Moreover, the fees paid for Proof Of Concept is adjusted when you sign up for Custom Web or Mobile App Development Services.


Includes everything you need to start on your Tech Idea!!!
“We are not an IT Company, but IT Enabler for business”

1. Document

We document your requirement in High level documents namely System requirement study (SRS). If you already have a detailed document, our business analyst can skim it through to ensure we understand enough to get started.

2. Wireframes

We design the layouts and navigation of the screens based on the understanding document created by our business analyst in Step 1. Wire framing stage helps us to create the right experience for your customer needs.

3. Design

We work on the design of wireframes for color,  aesthetic look and feel of the pages / screens. We develop the basic user experience, highlighting the real benefits of your App Idea. In this step we cover your potential customer mindset and persona.

4. Demo

With couple of iterations, implementing your feedback, the Prototype is ready for demonstration to your prospective clients, partners and investors. You have crossed the first milestone to get your app in the market.



We develop responsive HTML pages for your Prototype which will cover the core functionality / idea of your web needs. This includes the basic designs, layout and dummy (relevant data). We will also host the HTML pages on our staging servers, saving you money on hosting.

Smart Phone Apps

We develop Mobile app functional screens for popular platforms like Android and iOS (Apple). It will be delivered in an installable file for your phone and you can demonstrate it your prospects, investors and any other stakeholders anytime, anywhere.


Fees paid for Proof Of Concept are adjustable while signing up for our Custom Web or Mobile development Services.
  • Startup
  • $ 450 One Time
    • Up to 5 Screens
    • Any 1 Platform
    • Delivered in 2 weeks
    • 2 revisions included
    • Shared Account Manager
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  • Small Business
  • $ 900 One Time
    • Up to 10 Screens
    • Any 1 Platform
    • Delivered in 2 weeks
    • 2 revisions included
    • Shared Account Manager
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  • Custom
  • Custom
    • Custom
    • Custom
    • Custom
    • Custom
    • Shared Account Manager
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