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As technology continues to evolve and charges at a faster rate practically difficult to map, it is significantly impossible for companies to stay updated and manage operations with the dynamic techno changes.At PAYG Apps, we have an entire team dedicated professionals just to map the advancements in the field of technology.


Building a mobile app that helps companies stay in business and enjoy an edge over others in the industry is practically too much technical for the firm’s IT department to handle. It is where we jump into the picture. Housing an entire team of specialized personnel who eat, breathe and work technology has the prowess to develop robust mobile apps which are not only exuberant in their interface, aid in enhanced business activities and escalate sales to incredible levels.



Often companies associate with firms who claim to offer top notch services but fail to outperform. At PAYG Apps, we are an exception to the situation. To us, results matter! And that’s why we embrace result driven engineering solutions which ensure that your products and services achieve the desired market success and not just remain a technological wonder to gape at.


Technology is often touted to be a costly affair and hence, many firms charge huge amounts for the development and maintenance of mobile apps. At PAYG Apps, we offer a platform-specific native mobile apps that offer high performance, better customer experience and are highly reliable. Our costing is unique, simple and affordable, we offer a simple monthly payment plan spread across twelve months. This allows our clients to invest only a small amount every month and avail huge benefits in return.


Support or as commonly termed as “after sales services”, is the most important service your techno partner must offer while apparently many firms fail to provide. At PAYG Apps, our clients are covered with 1-year extensive support service (bug fixes, GO LIVE Support and maintenance).  We promise three upgrades a year, one in each quarter, to help our clients stay up on their heels all the time.


In an extremely competitive business environment where every company strives to outperform and grab more market attention, dreads to shift its business focus from one platform to the other. At PAYG Apps we ensure that our client’s business is not disrupted in any way. In fact, our agile mobile apps offer new opportunities to our clients to drive innovation, diversify their activities, be more responsive towards customer needs and enhance their market share by staying updated with the dynamic technology.


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